mardi 27 janvier 2009

Quel genre de créatif êtes-vous?

Pour ma part, je suis du type : Eyes wide open...
Voici mon résultat. Ca me ressemble totalement!

About me

You have a great appreciation for creativity in all its forms. You really admire talented artists and will always find time to seek out a new exhibition or show. When it comes to your own creativity, you take inspiration and ideas from the world around you. Your eyes are always open for new sources of stimulation. A passion for fashion gets you hot under the collar. Nothing beats the beauty of an elegantly styled shoot.

How I create

Looking through your viewfinder and capturing the split second moments that grab your attention satisfies your creative urge. It’s all about being able to find your space to think. Being out in the wild offers organic beauty. Your strength lies in your ability to understand your medium, but pushing the boundaries to create an original, new-look.

How I think

Deep down, you tend to take quite a conventional approach to things but that doesn’t stop you being sensitive and expressive. You have a very visual perspective on life. You like your world to be drenched in beauty. The aesthetic is your priority.
Vous voulez faire le test? Direction Youniverse!

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